...about Richtone Amplification

Richtone Amplification was founded in 2003 and is located in Beaconsfield, near Montreal, Qc.

Although we have been using "home brew" equipment ourselves for years, the idea of presenting an amp for public sale seemed like a good idea. From playing in bands ourselves, we wanted to build an amp that was portable, had amazing tone and plenty of power (!) to get lead guitar breaks to "stand-out" when necessary. Our amps are hand made one at a time and we use the finest available
electronic components to create a classic all tube sound, including: carbon composition and wire-wound resistors throughout, polypropylene signal caps & military grade control pots, silicon diodes and high quality electrolytic caps. All components are mounted on a custom glass/epoxy turret board and (point-to-point) connected with silver-plated teflon insulated wire.

handcrafted for the professional musician