Richtone Effects Pedals


Richtone has recently introduced a new line of high-quality guitar effects pedals.
They are durable, easy to use, and most of all, they sound excellent.

All effects are housed in a solid steel case with powder coat painted finish.
All electronic components used are of top quality. Simple and durable.
All pedals are designed to not cut volume and provide seamless operation.
All pedals are designed to provide the excellent sound Richtone amps are
known for.
Each effect has unique commissioned artwork by the artist Johnny Crap. It
doesn't get much cooler than that!

Metal! RTML1

Richtone’s most sought after effect due to its impressive range of quality
sounds and robust design. Metal! is a sonic breakthrough that provides
players with many sounds for different types of music. It has to be played to be
believed. Unleash the Metal!




Delay RTAD1

From simple slapback to the almost psychedelic, this effect offers a huge

variety of delay sounds with a wide range of adjustment options. Analog

circuit design produces a very high fidelity delay and time effect. With

dual millisecond toggle settings to change the length of the delay, the

possibilities are endless!



Reverb RTRV1

Studio quality reverb sounds with tons of character and smooth tapering

tails. This versatile effect can create six distinct reverb sounds when the

three different player control options are combined with the A/B toggle

switch. Compact and powerful with a stereo out.



Tremolo RTTR1

Tons of range from a sweet shimmer to a wicked helicopter type attack, this

effect is designed to give players that classic analog tremolo sound. "Depth" 

controls effect strength, "Rate" controls speed and "Wave" controls waveform.



Overdrive RTOD1

Delivers a creamy yet clear overdriven sound reminiscent of vintage 70ís tube

amps. Highly recommended for blues and country music.



Fuzz RTFZ1

Smooth crunch to nasty fuzz, this stompbox effect has it all. It delivers a range

of warm fuzz that's both bright and punchy in distinct "Muff", "Bright" or "Warm"

tones. Hot fuzz in a cool package.



Handcrafted for the professional musician.